Wednesday, 17 February 2010


After one of the coldest British winters in living memory, Domino’s is this month putting a bit of spice back into our lives with the launch of its hottest pizza yet – Meltdown-The Revenge.

Set to tingle the taste buds of those who are brave enough to take on this fiery pizza, the new addition to the Domino’s menu is covered in an array of mouth and eye watering toppings.

With five different types of heat in the form of chilli cheese slices, sweet chilli peppers, jalapeƱos, bird’s-eye chilli peppers and American style mustard, as well as ground beef, meatballs and mozzarella, Meltdown-The Revenge has the power to drive even the toughest pizza-eater to tears.

Meltdown –The Revenge is the even hotter sequel to Domino’s scorching Meltdown pizza, which first sizzled its way into stores back in 2006.

Robin Auld, sales and marketing director of Domino’s Pizza, said: “After one of the country’s coldest winters on record, we felt it was time to heat everyone up and put some spice back into their lives. We are hoping that with the arrival of our hottest pizza to date, Meltdown-The Revenge, we will be able to do just that.”

So why not challenge your friends, family and colleagues to take on the heat of the Meltdown-The Revenge, now available from Domino’s stores across the country. With the African bird’s-eye chilli coming in only three places behind law enforcement grade pepper spray on the Scolville heat scale, we guarantee it won’t be as easy as you think!

To top off this fiery new addition to Domino’s menu, the pizza delivery expert is also introducing a succulent new side of BBQ ribs. These tender pork ribs smothered in sticky BBQ sauce are the perfect, finger-licking accompaniment to any order.

Every Domino's pizza is hand-made to order using fine, fresh ingredients, like its famous fresh dough, vine-ripened tomato sauce and 100 per cent mozzarella cheese. Plus, with a choice of bases, sauces and tasty toppings, there are around 75 million different pizza combinations for you to choose from.

To grab a slice of the action, call Domino’s national hotline 087 12121212, go online or visit your local store.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Papa Johns UK CEO Resigns

Leading pizza delivery operator Papa John’s has announced that Operations Director Jack Swaysland will be promoted to the role of UK Managing Director.

The move follows the announcement that current MD Ian Saunders has left the company to take up a leading role within a globally renowned brand.

Jack has headed up Papa John’s operations over the last three years, helping the company overhaul its product range to enhance its premium market positioning, implement a 100 per cent fresh dough policy and improve all aspects of customer service.

This role has seen him become a key interface between the company and its franchise community, and Papa John’s President of Global Operations Bill Mitchell believes he is a natural successor to Mr Saunders.

He said: “Ian and Jack joined the company at similar times and have worked very closely together during a very successful period in the UK.

“Ian has overseen a huge transformation in the business, which is highlighted by the fact that the business has doubled in size and shown 16 consecutive quarters of growth - a phenomenal result during some very difficult times.

“The product has become recognised as market leading, the infrastructure is better than ever with the announcement of our new Quality Control Centre and Dough Plant, and the franchisee pipeline is very healthy.

“Papa John’s UK is in great health with a hugely exciting future, and Ian leaves with our very best wishes and thanks for the part he has played in that.

“We believe that continuity is absolutely the key to maintaining this success and that is why Papa John’s is delighted to promote Jack to the position of managing director.

“He has become industry renowned as an operations guru and already has the respect and attention of our franchisees, who have reaped the rewards of his keen attention to detail on the pizza eating experience.”