Saturday, 12 April 2008

Burglar Photographed Inside Davis County Pizza Place

Clearfield - Authorities want to find a man who was captured on surveillance video burglarizing a Davis County pizza restaurant.

The bandit entered the "5-Buck Pizza" restaurant on the night of Sunday, Apr. 6. near 1000 West and 1700 South in Clearfield. According to authorities, the man took money from two cash registers and pried a safe from the shelf.

The burglar was photographed by the restaurant's surveillance camera and officials hope that the images will lead to his capture.

The burglar appears to be a white male in his late 30s or mid-40s, with balding dark hair and a slender build.

Authorities believe that he is the same person responsible for burglarizing four other businesses in the immediate vicinity as the pizza place, on the same night.

The bandit caused hundreds of dollars in damage and got away with an unknown amount of cash.
Authorities urge the public to view the images taken from the surveillance video to see if the suspect is recognizable. (Warning: There is an advert first!)

Anyone with information in this case is encouraged to contact the Clearfield Police Department at (801) 525-2806.

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