Sunday, 30 November 2008

Win Some Dough by Designing a PJ Pizza

A leading pizza chain is celebrating National Pizza Week by offering pizza lovers the chance to make their name in the pizza world and take home a slice of the action from every one sold.

As part of National Pizza Week (W/c 24/11) run by the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food association, Papa John’s pizza, is looking for pizza lovers to design a new pizza to be featured on the menu in 2009.

The company, famous for its ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ pledge, is prepared to offer a percentage from every pizza sold to the person who manages to create a pizza worthy of the Papa John’s menu.

Simon Wallis, director of marketing for Papa John’s, said: “Papa John’s, unlike Domino’s or Pizza Hut, guarantees customers pizzas made from 100 percent fresh dough because our pizzaiolos - expert pizza makers - are passionate about making pizza.

“We know our customers choose us because they too are passionate and now we are looking to tap into this, as we start planning our product development for the next year. In 2008 we launched our Alfresco and Carnevale pizzas as we looked to cater to our customers’ tastes and now we want them to tell us what else they would like to see.

“The person who can design a pizza good enough to make it on the Papa John’s menu will receive a percentage of the profits for as long as it features on the menu – offering them the potential to generate thousands of pounds each year.

“To get an idea of what we currently offer people should visit and check out our menu and current list of ingredients, however people should feel free to suggest new toppings as we are always looking to improve our range of pizzas.”

Anyone who would like to take part in the Papa John’s Pizza Design challenge should request an entry form by emailing

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