Thursday, 4 December 2008

PETA hopping mad about Frog Pizza - And Highlights the Irony of People Who Don't Compain About Ham & Chicken Pies

Frog PizzaA London pizza chain is serving up pizza with a difference, and one the people at PETA certainly won’t be testing out.

Called the “Hopper”, the pizza is covered with frogs’ legs and has angered animal lovers all over the UK.

Frogs’ legs are often ‘produced’ by amputation while still alive, and are transported all around the world, especially from Indonesia where up to 300 frogs are piled into bags.

To many people, it’s shocking to find frogs’ legs on a pizza, anything a little bit different and we throw our arms up in the air. “Frogs?! How cruel!” As they munch down on a pizza slice covered in ham and chicken.

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