Saturday, 11 April 2009

The President Upsets Chicago with Choice of Pizza Parlour

Seems the president has ditched his hometown of Chicago for St. Louis.

That is, when it comes to pizza.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting President Obama, who spent years in Chicago, is having 140 people over to the White House tonight for some deep-dish pizza — St. Louis deep-dish pizza.

It seems during his campaign he had pizza from a restaurant in the Delmar Loop neighborhood called Pi.

That's the story Pi assistant manager Lindsey Tornetto tells. Whatever happened, the restaurant says the owner and his business partner packed some dough, cheese and pizza pans in their suitcases and flew to Washington.

It all has Marc Malnati — owner of 30 Lou Malnati's Pizzerias in the Chicago area — shaking his head. He says while he likes Obama's economic policy, he thinks the president's pizza policy should change, according to the newspaper.

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