Friday, 11 September 2009

Papa John's Offer is Just the Ticket

Papa John’s is offering pizza lovers across the UK a free Papa’s Pepperoni to highlight the results of a recent study.

An independent taste test has revealed that more people prefer Papa’s Pepperoni to Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Feast, and now the pizza company, famous for its ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ promise, is giving people the chance to test the research for themselves.

All UK Papa John’s stores will be giving away free Papa’s Pepperoni pizzas to Pizza Hut customers who have recently tried the less popular Pepperoni Feast.

Simon Wallis, Senior Director of Marketing for Papa John’s UK, said: “We’ve always believed in our pizzas and we are delighted that this independent research has verified the fact that we are delivering a preferred product against our largest competitor.

“We want everybody to find out for themselves why more people prefer Papa’s Pepperoni, so we’re giving away free pizzas to customers who come to stores armed with a Pizza Hut Pepperoni Feast receipt.

“Our pizza has an extremely generous topping of pepperoni, which is 27 percent thicker than Pizza Hut’s. So it’s no wonder the majority of people questioned preferred the taste of the Papa John’s pizza.

“Hopefully, this offer will allow people to taste the difference made by our thicker pepperoni topping and 100 percent fresh dough.”

All customers have to do to claim their free Papa’s Pepperoni is take in a receipt proving they’ve tried the Pizza Hut product. Customers wanting to find out more about Papa John’s pizzas and the recent independent taste test should visit .

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