Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ramon deLeon Goes Off the Charts at SXSW

Legendary Socialmedia Guru and Domino's Franchisee Ramon deLeon was cruising the aisles at SXSW (South by SouthWest) and bumped into Josh Little the owner of Bloomfire.

Needless to say the Creative Vado MiniCam was whipped out and put to good use.

It looks like everyone was having a blast this weekend in Austin, Texas


RobbieVitrano said...

Love Ramon - We're using social media a bit differently - to prove that fast food can be convenient, affordable and delicious without harming your health.
With a business model designed to scale through franchising.

Two billionaire investors and 30,000 social media fans/followers later, NakedPizza has over 100 locations in development and about twice that under LOI.

So the one sure thing we can say is that we're about to find out how just big and meaningful this can be.

Stay tuned friendos.

Simon said...

Thanks for your comments. Its nice to Pizza Royalty stopping by our sadly-neglected little corner of the internet.

Have followed your story for over the last 2 years from our Twitter account (@dominossthelens) and am wishing you all the best in your expansion plans

If you want to send me your press releases (as Domino's and PJ's often do) I will be very pleased to publish them.

DM me on Twitter @dominossthelens for contact details

Thanks friendo

Simon P