Saturday, 2 February 2008

Little People Make Little Papa John's Pizzas

Papa John's CommunityIn our World of Corporate Pizza, it's nice to bring you a story about a Franchisee reaching out into his local community.

Wil Dewey, a kindergarten student at Northeast Elementary School, left, watches Spencer Strickland, a kindergarten student at Caroline, finish making their pizza Thursday morning during the two classes' visit to Papa John's Pizza in Ithaca.

The two classes taught by friends Peggy Weber at Caroline and Sandy Rouleau at Northeast, visited the Tompkins County Public Library after the trip to Papa John's as a part of the ongoing Kids Discover the Trail effort by the Ithaca Public Education Initiative to get all students in the Ithaca City School District to eight different museums and educational institutions around the county.

The visit to Papa John's was made possible by owner Jamie McVannan, top right, who knows Northeast School parent Myra Hubbell.

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