Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pizza Hut UK Goes Heavyweight on Direct Advertising

Pizza Hut is to launch an innovative advertising campaign to promote its new, fixed price 'Happy Hour' menu.

The menu, which is available from January 19, will be amplified through an atmAd campaign, which goes live on January 26 and will run for 2 weeks across atmAd's national network of cash machines.

The advertisements will be carried across 3.3 million transactions at over 1,650 cash machines across the UK, ideally situated in close proximity to Pizza Hut restaurants. The campaign will also include 825,000 take-away receipts that will feature the address of the nearest restaurant in the area and menu details.

Claudia Nicholls-Magielsen, Marketing Director of Restaurants, Pizza Hut, said: "We needed an advertising medium which allowed us to engage in a dialogue with our target audience."

"The combination of geographically targeted ATM advertisements and 'reminder receipts' appealed to us as a powerful way of communicating with our customers. We look forward to welcoming families to try our new Happy Hour offering at a time of year when saving money is a high priority."

The atmAd advertisements are part of a wider, awareness-raising campaign, which will include TV, radio, roadside 6-sheets, mall 6-sheets and branded phone boxes. By highlighting the new Pizza Hut menu, the adverts aim to drive consumers to restaurants directly from the cash machines.

Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design multimedia, said: "atmAd is a powerful media platform and is particularly effective as a highly targeted element within a wider integrated campaign. Our ability to run this campaign simultaneously across three different UK banking networks enables Pizza Hut to reach a wide and relevant audience in proximity to their restaurants."

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