Friday, 18 June 2010

Domino's Pizza Top Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here's some perfect ideas for Father's Day presents for the man who has everything.

- Socks – it’s a classic idea and something that no-one can never have enough of

- Chore credits – write a ‘cheque book’ of chore credits for tasks such as mowing the lawn that you’ll do for Dad

- Ties – another classic but it’s also a great excuse to get rid of dodgy novelty ties that may be lurking in his wardrobe

- DVDs – whether he’s a Trekkie or a Gleek, he’ll need something to watch in between the football

- An activity day – send him off to drive a supercar or push him over the edge with a day’s zorbing

- CDs – there’s always a special compilation CD for such occasions. Take a look at the latest tunes for Dads or make your own if his taste is a little unique

- Treat Dad to dinner in his favourite armchair by ordering a Domino’s Pizza for delivery. It’ll also save on washing up!

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