Thursday, 6 March 2008

Unique Pizza and Subs Wins Best Pizza in Pittsburgh Competition

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation is pleased to announce that our Monroeville, PA store recently won the "Best Pizza in Town" contest!!!

The annual and hugely successful Teen Oasis club of Monroeville/Pitcairn, PA, a non-profit organization, held a fun-filled evening with a combination Battle of the Bands and Best Pizza Contests.

Several hundred people from the local community showed up for the food and entertainment. The criteria defined the type, size, style, toppings, etc., for the pizzas entered. Each company entree was to include three (3) pizza types: cheese, sausage and pepperoni.

In addition to Unique Pizza and Subs, some of the many pizza companies (both local and national) entering the contest included Papa John's, Papa Rock, Gateway Grill, Pasquale's, Vocelli's, and Fox's, to name a few.

In order for anonymity, the pizzas were taken out of their boxes, placed on trays and tables and given a number for participants to use for voting.

Attendees (tasters/voters) then used their tickets to vote by placing their selection(s) in a numbered bag corresponding to the Pizza Company's entries.

Unique Pizza and Subs is proud to say that they not only won the anonymous competition but, according to the sponsors, did so "hands down!"

This continues to re-enforce the ongoing feedback we receive regarding the high quality of our products AND that we are successful in the quality, taste and quantity comparisons to BOTH independents ("mom and pops") and national pizza companies!

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Anonymous said...

Not true. They were voted best pizza in Monroeville, by a small group of teenagers in a dance club taste test. How do they get away with such claims?