Friday, 2 April 2010

Fultano's Pizza Cannon Beach Goes Green with ZAP Electric Delivery Car

Imelda Khoo Fultano Pizza
Following on from our recent post about the Domino's ZAPmobile which delivers in Aspen, two of our eagle-eyed readers Nicola and Imelda from Portland, Oregon made us aware that Domino's are not alone in the pizza industry for showing their Green Credentials.

Pictured here with Imelda is Fultano's Pizza's very own ZAP Car. Though not as jazzily decorated as the Domino's version it certainly looks fit for purpose and I'm sure it does a great job delivering around Cannon Beach "to families and romancing couples"

Take a look at their menu. I'll have a Family-sized Haystack with a Diet Coke please.

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