Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Domino's Pizza UK Special Offer - Any Pizza Any Size Only £9.99


What can I add except to say that it is valid until September 12th 2010?

You can order by phoning your local store or online

There's an iPhone App coming shortly, but I'm told by my moles that it's not quite ready yet. but will be very very soon. Watch this space.

There are the usual Terms and Conditions, I suppose. It can't be used with any other special offer. While stocks last. Participating Outlets only. Regular or Thin Crust Only. A premium will be charged for Dominator or Double Decadence bases. Order a pizza from the menu or Create Your Own with up to 5 toppings.

Err that's it!


pizza codes said...

bit out of date this now

Simon said...

which is why the top line explains the expiry date. If i remove the post, then you presumably would get a 404 error. By doing it that way you get to visit a Pizza site, from where you can have a little explore and see if there are any other codes or specials

Simon said...

PS a couple of your codes are also out of date btw