Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Local Domino's Pizza Manager Wins Global Award

Out of 9,000 Domino’s pizza shop managers in 60 countries, Steve Cubitt has been crowned the best.......(Read the story from The Manchester Evening News)

Well done Steve.

Although I don't know you personally I was honoured to be present at the Rally in Las Vegas celebrating Domino's Pizza's 50th Annversary when your award was announced.

They showed a video biography which demonstrated your passion to be the best and to strive to improve continually. It made me proud to be a Dominoid!

You are doing a great job in All Saints.

Keep it up!


Stephen said...

Well done Steve, a great achievement. You must be really proud, especially to beat the guys over in Huyton.

Simon said...

Ha Ha Bro, I don't think Huyton even registers on Steve's radar. He is light years ahead of even the great stuff we do!