Monday, 10 December 2007

Domino's Pizza Eyes Singapore Openings

We like to bring you stories of different pizza markets around the World and we dug this one out from the Malaysian Star.

Derick de Souza"Dommal Food Services , the master franchise holder for Domino’s Pizza in Malaysia and Singapore, wants to open its pizza outlets in the republic.

Its operations manager Derick de Souza said although the company did not set any time frame to do so, it was hoping to have outlets there “the sooner the better”.

He said that years ago, there were a few Domino’s Pizza outlets in the republic managed by a Singapore-based master franchise holder but they were later closed down.

“Singapore is a good market for any fast-food operator due to a large number of tourists and its cosmopolitan city status,” he said.

Derick de Souza De Souza was speaking to StarBiz after the launch of “Deliciously Confidential” – three new promotional toppings of beef suspense, classified chicken and secret salmon.
He said the Singapore tourism industry was expected to grow further with the completion of two integrated resort (IR) projects in two years.

Consumers in Singapore were more exposed to international cuisine, as there were many international food and beverage operators there, he said.

De Souza said on average, Dommal ran each promotion campaign for 10 weeks as part of a strategy to make consumers more “excited to try something new”.
He said the company made one million pieces of pizzas yearly, with aloha chicken topping the best sellers' list followed by beef pepperoni and chicken pepperoni.

De Souza also said Dommal was looking to have more outlets in southern Johor, which would be developed into a global metropolis under the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) project.
“The tourism industry in the IDR is expected to develop with more international investors coming in and the spill over from the two IR projects,” he said.

He said the company would continue to focus on the delivery segment in its expansion programme, as most consumers liked having their pizzas delivered.

Currently, there are 32 Domino’s Pizza outlets – 26 in the Klang Valley, three in Johor Baru, two in Penang and one in Seremban.

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