Saturday, 1 December 2007

Would you Like a Stiff with your Slice of Pizza?

This story is from Fox News

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni? Anchovies? Dead guys?

Unfortunately for pizza lovers in Pennsylvania, a particularly resourceful delivery guy used his car for both of his jobs - as a Domino's Pizza delivery guy and a corpse transporter, the Smoking Gun reports.

Lower Southamton Township Police report that officers flagged down a late model Buick after noticing it didn’t have an inspection sticker.

When the suspicious ride stopped, the officers found that the driver, William Bethel, was driving with a suspended license, so they'd have to impound his ride.

When they had a little look-see in the back of Bethel’s station wagon, they saw a stretcher, some garbage, wet clothing and a pile of piping-hot pizzas waiting to be delivered.

Bethel explained that after he finishes the pizza delivery gig, he transports stiffs in the same car for a funeral home.

But a police check with health officials determined that, though undoubtedly nasty, using the same car to deliver dinner and the deceased did not violate local ordinances.

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