Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Is Haggis Pizza Taking Over the World?

Since our recent post about Pizza Express launching a Haggis-topped pizza at its Scottish outlets we have been inundated by our readers with tales of the ubiquity of this product. It seems to be part of the staple Scottish diet - and why not?

Here is a picture sent in by Cameron from Auchterarder of Cosmo's Frozen Haggis Pizza.

And it would appear that takeaways up and down the "Auld Country" feature Haggis Pizza as a mainstream offering.

Indeed KFB in St Andrews, where Prince William went to University and is cosidered the Home of Golf, also offers a Chocolate Pizza (more soon) as well as the world famous Deep-fried Mars Bar

Additionally, we find out that this taste-tastic 'Scozzese' pizza is available at The Loft in Ashton Lane, Glasgow.

Many thanks to blogger Paul for bringing this one to our attention. Taste-tastic, eh

And finally, The Village Fish & Chip Shop 33 High Street Aberlady, East Lothian Tel. 01875 870 686 is world renowned for being the friendliest establishment in the town.

The Aberlady Chip shop has been well known in East Lothian for about 40 years.The business is owned by Adrian Melville and his partner Doris Ortner and they have been running the business successfully for the last 4 years.
As well as their quality Fish and Chips (always freshly cooked) their homemade pizzas are always in demand. They do Haggis Pizza which is very popular. Their shop has also got an Off-license and they sell Di Rollos ice cream and some groceries. And if a good Fish supper or Pizza and a nice bottle of wine is not good enough you can join their Video club and rent one of the latest new releases. Heaven - pizza, wine and a video

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