Thursday, 13 December 2007

How To Get More Sex

pizza sex Well I thought that would get you clicking, but hang on a minute before you down vote me, this is a serious story.

ITV1 in the UK has just screened this week's episode of "How to Get More Sex" and the scientifically-proven best chat up line at a speed dating evening is....wait for it....

"If you were a pizza topping which one would you be?"

Now I know it's not exactly earth-shatteringly funny or original - but maybe that's where we're going wrong.

Everyone loves pizza remember!

It's a nice easy ice-breaker of a question, with no right or wrong answers, lots of room for the answer to be as "tempting" as you want it to be and it can be asked by either sex.

So there you have it. One more of life's mysteries resolved for us all.

By the way, and I know you were dying to ask, but I would be an olive

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