Friday, 14 December 2007

Perfect Christmas Pizza Presents

After literally minutes of research we can bring you our Pizzas and Stuff Christmas Gift Guide, so that those important others in your life can revel in some of the joy we all get from pizza. It isn't meant to be exhaustive, but should give you some ideas. Try Googling "Pizza Gifts" and you will have literally hundreds of items to choose from. We did just that and here are some of them

Bernie Pizza Fancy Dress For the pizza-obsessed man (or in this case woman) in your life, how about treating them to this Pizza Fancy Dress Costume. I suppose it beats going to the New Year's Eve Party a Spice Girl again!

One size fits all (up to a 44" chest). Just place it over your head

It's £28 (plus package and posting) from

We saw this and just had to get one. Thanks Bernie for modelling it so beautifully!

pizza gift basketMama Mia! For the true pizza lover in all of us, this gourmet pizza making kit with the finest ingredients from Tulocay's will have you tossing your dough like the pro’s do! It comes complete with a pizza cutter and a pizza stone for cooking your own pie!

Priced at $79.99 from Gourmet Gift Baskets

pizza recipe bookPizza Recipe Book: More Than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza

Do you prefer thick, rounded edge crust classic Neapolitan? Or Stick-to- your-ribs, deep-dish, smothered in sausage, garlic, and cheese? Or the new, contemporary-style like Thai Curry Chicken and the Hawaiian- esque Big Kahuna? You'll soon find that your favourite pizzeria is right in your own kitchen.

From it's just £8.44

Slicing Pizza with Toppings

The slices are fastened with velcro so they can be 'sliced' and put together again
Comes complete with pizza cutter and knife to practice cutting skills without any accidents
Loads of toppings to add to your pizza

Its £18.99 from

pizza babyPizza Clothing
This Baby-gro with matching gift bag comes emblazoned with the classic slogan "No baby food thanks. I want some pizza".

Start em' young that's what I say.

It's just £7.99 and comes in a variety of sizes from

Oh and before you get clicking to buy your fancy dress outfit I want to just say thanks to Kevin at Pizza Delivery Stories for the original idea for this post. We must have similar tastes as I didn't notice he has also recommended the Gift Basket. Oops!

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