Saturday, 8 December 2007

Kangaroo Pizza is Dished up in Australia

Well thanks to caffeineguy who is on his World Tour of Australia we finally have a picture of a Kangaroo Pizza. He described it as being very gamey - in fact too gamey - and pretty tough too. Still when you are on your gap year you have to try everything once I suppose.

Next up is Kangaroo and Emu Pizza which Uncle Tom tried in Sydney just recently. It was awesome, he says, so much so that he had to fight with his friend over the last piece! He's off to Korea next, where no doubt we will see a picture of his Labrador pizza!

And we located Jake Lloyd's offering from his Travel Blog in 2006.(From left to right): Crocodile, kangaroo and emu pizza, served at the Australian Hotel. If I had to rate them: 1, Kangaroo; 2, Emu; 3, Croc. But they were all ravishing - You must have been hungry Jake!

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mell.734 said...

This is absolutley gross!! You give Australians bad names putting this stuff on!! We DON'T eat kangaroo or emus or snakes or any of that stuff! It's just for stupid tourists to do! As an Australian I think it is REVOLTING for tourists to come here and eat our native wildlife! Animals die for you sickos to get a kick and go home and boast to people that you ate "Australian food". Disgusting.

Australian holiday hotel said...

Now clam down Mel.734. I am Australian and I eat Kangaroo occasionally. It is supposed to be the best meat in the world for your heart because it is lowest in fat, yet still contains the goodies you look for when you eat meat. I know a few Australians who refuse to eat any other meat. It should definitely be included in pizzas!!

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