Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Did you Leave a Slice of Pizza out for Santa?

santa pizzaFollowing our recent post about what food to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve, we were bombarded with loads of suggestions, and the ones we can print are detailed here!

As you may expect from readers of this blog, pizza was our favourite treat to leave out for the Ol' Man. It seems that as the eating habits of our nations change we are relying more on convenience and less on tradition.

Mary from Nashville insisted on baking her own cookies and a glass of milk (semi-skimmed of course - so that Santa will still be able to fit into his suit next year!). See the picture below.

I am not sure if Mike was pulling our leg as he was adamant that what Santa devours when he visits his apartment in Chicago is fried chicken, green beans and corn bread.

Christine in Warrington England leaves a message on the fridge invited FC to help himself - and not to bother with the washing up.

And what about his team of reindeer?

Carrots of course proved very popular, though there were also plenty of suggestions of oatmeal and glitter, and a lady from Wisconsin who swears by Shredded Wheat (with Ex-Lax sprinkled over). You see reindeer are immune to its effects - but unfortunately her husband isn't!

And so we come to the English tradition of mince pies and a glass of sherry. Well, once again it would appear that this quaint tradition is on its way out as, in our house at least, only a few crumbs remained from the slice of Pepperoni Passion that was left out for the Great Northern Present Giver.

In fact come to think of it, here is a man who would probably make the best pizza delivery boy ever. No need to waste time knocking on the customer's door - just slip straight down the chimney.

And as for routing up double and triple bag runs - well that would certainly present no problem for a man who visits a billion houses every time he goes out on delivery!

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