Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cardboard Over-engineering?

Carrying on our occasional series of "Gadget of the Week" Pizzas and Stuff brings you news of an amazing piece of Cardboard Engineering.

The following story was reprted in Canada's Windsor Star on Nov 22nd 2007. It was reported that a Windsor-based pizza-box business remains in the running for a $50,000 prize on the CBC television show Dragon's Den which brings together entrepreneurs and a group of hard-nosed investors.

In a recent episode, Chris Holden and Rob Tulk of Pizza Box 2000, who developed a pizza box with perforated lid which can then be broken up into disposable plates and an even smaller box for the leftovers, faced the Dragon's Den panel and came away as one of the top ideas pitched so far this season.

While it hasn't led to an investment deal, Holden said the "exposure has been priceless and something we certainly couldn't have afforded to pay for in any way.

I can't help thinking these guys are trying to find a solution where there isn't a problem. I have seen all sorts of ingeneous methods used when trying to eat pizza without making a mess but, hey, isn't making a mess part of the fun? Isn't the lid of a pizza box already used as a plate by the person you are sharing with. You just rip it along the crease and there it is, your ready-made plate!

But anyway I really hope these guys go far in the competition. Because we all want Pizza Guys to win and I will pass your details on to the guys at Domino's Pizza UK Purchasing. You never know - and anyways, what is the point of blogging about this if we don't then all try and help each other.
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1 comment:

madamspud169 said...

This box sounds great as I eat my pizza with a knife & fork (yes, I'm one of those type of person).
However maybe if certain other pizza businesses as large if not larger than Domino's do not improve their service skills then I can see Domino's being a monopoly. I will not be using that other company again but will instead be using Domino's.