Friday, 30 November 2007

How to Make Scottish Deep-Fried Pizza

This article was originally published on the excellent FX Cuisine a magical mystery tour around the food world. I have left he original links intact and thank the author for his highly informative piece on this traditional Scottish delicacy

deep fried pixxa 1 A northern cousin of the Neapolitan deep-fried pizza, this proud member of the Scottish Diet makes one nutritious snack.

After the traditional Neapolitan pizza fritta, here is a more Western version with an Oriental twist, from the Edinburgh fish-and-chips where I had my first taste of the Scottish Diet.

An already baked pizza is dipped into the fish-and-chips batter ... then dipped again until it is yellow with batter all over.

pizzaThe battered pizza is dropped into the huge container of frying oil used to fry fish and chips.

The pizza swims with the fishes until it turns golden.

One truly nutritious snack - the deep fried pizza and its crust juicy with frying oil.

Most Scottish deep-fried pizza is done with frozen pizza but Selim matches tradition with quality and makes his own pizza dough. Sure, he could go the whole way and prepare pizza fritta but he's not from Napoli and the Scots wouldn't eat that even though it's deep fried.

But what's in it? Looks like meat - kebab meat indeed. Gentlemen, we have reached the confines of the known world, where food fusion becomes confusion. Kebab pizza deep-fried Scottish style. This is the new Europe. Pass the oyster sauce please.

This is one of the fine treats served at Café Piccante in Edinburgh, Scotland, where East meets West and South and back again. One of the best places in Scotland to try deep-fried specialties.
Café Piccante 19 Broughton Street Edinburgh, Scotland +44 (0) 131 478 7884

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