Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Peep Hole Pizza Marketing

Knock Knock! You go to the door. You check the peep hole. Who ordered a pizza, you ask
No one claims to have done so. So you open the door…

This is brilliant. You’ve been had, and you have to laugh at their cleverness. The generous offer printed on the device ensures you keep it, and of course, you show it to family, friends and workmates. Advertising mission accomplished. Everybody’s happy. (except Pizza Hut!)

with thanks to Stuff4Restaurants from where this post is copied. I tried to Digg it but he appears blacklisted!

Update: 15th September 2010 - And a big hello to all our visitors from Reddit. Finally, spamming their site has got me some traffic! Please click on at least one of the Google Ads and help to feed my kids :-)

I'm off now to change round some of my neighbours' peepholes while they're not looking

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