Saturday, 24 November 2007

Lesbians Love Pizza - or how Pizza Hut is Targetting Japanese Men

In an effort to further penetrate the Japanase market the official website for the Maria-pizza hut japansama ga Miteru high school anime series has announced a Pizza Hut tie-in campaign.

The series is based on Oyuki Konno and Reine Hibiki's shōjo light novels about the complicated relationships within the walls of the Lillian All-Girls Catholic High School - intended to attract a male readership.

In the stories the girls will be seen eating pizza and visiting Pizza Hut Restaurants as their various stories unfold.

Maria-sama ga MiteruWhen customers in Japan buy a medium pizza, they get a pizza box with a Maria-sama ga Miteru design as well as PC wallpaper and mobile phone graphics online. Those who order online will enter a drawing for one stamp sheet signed by the main cast, nine signed scripts, and 20 OVA Fan Disks.

So Pizza Hut are happy. The series' predominantly-male readership start buying more pizza as a result of seeing their heroines doing the same, and some PH Marketing Director wins an award for "The Most Blatent Piece of Product Placement in 2007"

japanese lesbian schoolgirls pizza hut
Whatever next? Will Harry Potter be seen holding a Burger King Whopper in the next film or can you imagine the next Shrek movie featuring Princess Fiona extolling the virtues of Botox?

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