Thursday, 15 November 2007

This is Your Captain Speaking. "The Pizza Guy's Here"

Domino's Pizza Makes a Special Delivery to Hungry Airplane Passengers

What's better than having Domino's pizza delivered to your door? How about having Domino's delivered to you on an airplane?

After a nearly three-hour flight delay on Monday, Nov. 5, at the Dubuque Regional Airport in Dubuque, Iowa, passengers aboard a Chicago-bound flight were pleasantly surprised when their flight attendant morphed into a Domino's delivery expert, carrying piping hot pizzas.
"Even though the airport was a bit beyond their normal delivery area, the local Domino's was able to have hot pizzas delivered to us in about 25 minutes," said Domino's Pizza area leader Jeff Cullers, a passenger on the plane. "Everyone aboard the plane was really happy with the special delivery."
Cullers arranged the delivery after his fellow passengers started grumbling about the delay, After the second hour of the delay, the pilot and airport staff gave clearance to have Domino's pizza delivered to the flight's passengers and crew.

Never has an airplane meal tasted so good

Source: Domino's Pizza Press Office

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