Friday, 9 November 2007

Papa John's Jumps on the Text Bandwagon

Papa John's has added a new ordering option to its lineup: mobile/sms ordering.

pizzaSo just imagine it: You are sitting in the park, enjoying the sun and want a pizza. You open your mobile and text in an order to the Papa and in 30 minutes, your pizza arrives to your designated tree for eating. Oops, back to reality, mobile/sms ordering only allows you to order one of four favorite orders to your designated destinated and billed to the credit card already setup in your account.
In all seriousness, the only way this will work is if it adds incrememntal orders to the bottom line for Papa John's. It's an innovative use of technology, but I would suggest that with such a limited mobile ordering option, most will opt for using their computer to order. Online ordering accounts for 20% of Papa John's sales.

Bear Stearns restaurant analyst Joe Buckley said the new ordering methods could help the chains win brand loyalty among people who will be eating pizza for decades to come.
"Our vision is that you can order a Papa John's pizza anytime of day or night — wherever you are," said Nigel Travis, Papa John's president and chief executive officer.
I guess it's a good idea - will be interesting to see the numbers on takers. Sure some early adopters might try it but I am betting most will order their pizzas via online or phone.

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