Monday, 5 November 2007

Pizza Price Rises Imminent?

Pizza Price Hike Posted on 02 November 2007 by Web Site Staff

The cost of mozzarella cheese is rising which is causing the prices of pizza to rise. These prices are up about $0.50 per pound since the same time last year and there is no indication if this has settled down yet.

This trend seems to be seen more in the U.K where most of the reports are originating, with reference to Domino's Pizza hiking their prices. It is very possible that others such as Pizza Hut, Papa Johns may soon follow.

The cost of flour may also be contributing to this sudden price hike however this is not as new since the price of grain fluctuates dependent upon supply sources from around the world.

The solution for the consumer is to watch for those coupons.

If this trend continues some pizza places may become more stricter in their coupon acceptance or not offer as good of deals or evn require you to order 3 pizzas or more in order to cash in our their specials.

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