Friday, 9 November 2007

Franchising with Perfect Pizza

Perfect Pizza

In 1993 my modest independent pizza franchise was acquired by Perfect Pizza. Their impact was considerable as my operational standards, product and profits went instantly from strength to strength.
Motivated by the level of support and inspired by Perfect Pizza's unique promotional ideas, at both local and national level, I bought my second PP franchise a year later. Perfect Pizza's view is that we are one big team and, unlike many other pizza chains, they never charge for training or assistance in marketing and general support.
Perfect Pizza is one of the UK's leading pizza delivery and takeaway businesses, with well over 100 stores throughout the country. Over the years I have seen many takeaway ventures come and go but Perfect Pizza is an established national brand, which defines us as a clear leader in the field.
I currently own nine Perfect Pizza stores and with sheer hard work and total commitment, have allowed my family to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle hopefully long into the future. What makes me so different from anyone else? I had the guts to say 'Let's do it'."Kirit Patel, Perfect Pizza Franchisee
Why Pizza?
It dominates home delivered food in the UK, the fast food capital of Europe.
Pizza is quick and easy to prepare, with high quality inexpensive ingredients and is an impulse purchase, largely unaffected by seasons or fashions.
Pizza is universally popular, easy to eat any time or anywhere, while its low perceived price makes it far less vulnerable to recession.
It also delivers an excellent profit margin!

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