Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Best Pizza Website We Have Seen in a While

papas pizza
We like businesses that keep it simple - in both their operations and their marketing, and when this one came to our attention via Digg we simply had to expose it to a wider audience.

Papa's Pizza is a family-run single store operation in New Zealand thriving in a market dominated by the big boys. They have figured that to do well against corporate inflexibility you need to differentiate youreslf by being accommodatingpapas pizza.

So - no extra to pay for extra toppings, no scowling when a customer asks for one slice of the pizza to be made with no mushroom and make sure you make a song and dance about your fresh, local ingredients and your stonebake oven.

Throw in a "Love it Or it's Free" Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, back this all up with a simple and clean website and then all you have to do is live up to your promises. That should be the easy part.
Good Luck

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