Friday, 11 January 2008

Pizzeria Regina in Boston - Packin' 'Em In Since 1926

I came across a great pizzeria website recently and wanted to share it with you all. Although I have not had the pleasure of eating there, I would welcome any reader reviews either via the Comments section or by email.

"Since 1926, Pizzeria Regina has been greeting customers in the North End of Boston with a hearty “Welcome to Boston’s Original Pizzeria!” For over three generations, Regina’s delicious brick oven pizza has been inspired by the love of good food and the special pride of the Polcari Family.

As in the beginning, Regina’s pizza is made with only fresh, all natural ingredients, special seasonings, the finest toppings and baked in a brick oven. The unique blend of cheeses are shredded by hand, the flavorful sauce is specially prepared with plump, fresh California tomatoes, and the meatballs and sausages are made according to an old family recipe.

Over the years Anthony made a lot of friends and his insistence on quality kept them coming back for more. Anthony believes there are no short cuts to excellence. His claim of years ago, “I give the best that I can make”, is as true today as it was generations past.

Since those early days, 81 Years Ago, Pizzeria Regina has grown, but Anthony still keeps a watchful eye over it all. It is important to him that Regina’s Pizza is the best that can be made, the best you can buy. It is a matter of tradition and family pride."


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