Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Testing Online Pizza Delivery in Time for Superbowl Sunday

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up ... you might be thinking pizza. Many big chains now allow you to order online. Local 12's Paula Toti put a couple of them to the test.

Imagine my excitement when one of our managers said ... hey check out all those pizza places that now offer on line ordering. I have visions of eating free pizza every day for a week. Imagine my disappointment when I struggled to get just two.

Day one ... I started with Donatos online. I wasn't able to put in an order when the store in my neighborhood was closed. It was ten in the morning ... so I tried ordering from Local 12 and was told delivery wasn't available in the downtown area, even though we get Donatos delivery all the time using the phone.

Pizza Hut also told me no delivery downtown. Surely a Local 12 employee just out of college would have on line success. "I've heard of the on line, I've used them a couple times .. Usually they make you call anyway to confirm the order. So it's never made much sense to do it like that."

Well remember I'm highly motivated ... I get free pizza. At last success .... Papa Johns was easy to order on line. I got the half and half I wanted ... but it came 25 minutes early. The delivery person told me ... the phone in orders seemed to be more time specific then on line. I was able to use an on line coupon.

"I rarely use coupons, I wish I would, I could save some money that way."

I got frustrated ordering La Rosa's on line. You have to use a phone number that you have used before and that was linked to an address where I no longer live. When I tried Local 12's phone number ... it was already being used by another employee.

Finally, I did remember the Donatos website said pardon our dust ... this system is new. I tried ordering from home and did get a pizza. It came on time ... I brought it to work .. it was delicious ... but something got messed up ... and I wasn't able to use my on line coupon. I didn't care ... I was hungry.

Bottom line ... sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Call me old fashioned ... I like picking up the phone and talking to a real pizza person.

If you're having a big party of Super Bowl Sunday ... most places tell me if you've got four or five pizzas you want delivered just call about two hours ahead. Ssome things are just too important to leave to chance.

And don't forget the tip. One former driver told us at least $3. For a big order be more generous .. especially on a busy or cold night.

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