Friday, 25 January 2008

Local Pizzerias Gear Up for Superbowl Sunday

rolf wilkin eureka In Lafayette, local football fans gearing up for the biggest football game of the year can expect local pizza places to be ready for their biggest sales day of the year. Eureka Pizza expects to make and bake over 1,000 pizzas at each of their 12 stores on Super Bowl Sunday.

“It’s pretty cool to have 1 day out of the year that you know will be absolutely, insanely busy” said Eureka Pizza owner Rolf Wilkin. “It’s our Black Sunday,” said Wilkin, making a reference to the fabled “Black Friday” or the day after Thanksgiving that is traditionally the busiest day of the year for shopping malls and retailers. “I’ve been in the pizza business 16 years and the Super Bowl keeps getting bigger and bigger” Wilkin said.

This year should be an exciting game featuring two great teams like the New England Patriots and the New York Giants and top quarterbacks like Eli Manning and Tom Brady. Wilkin said that it doesn’t hurt that Brady dates Brazilian Super Model Gisele Bundchen, adding that the romance adds a bit of extra flair to the big game.

Just like a football tailgate party- the Super bowl is all about food. Pizza is so popular because it's cheap. It's easy. It's social. Wilkin said that the Super Bowl is such a giant event in pizza that for the past several years Eureka Pizza has dubbed it “Super Bowl Week” with week long specials all built around the Super Bowl. According to Pizza Today Magazine, the average attendance at a Super Bowl party is 17, which plays right into pizzerias’ hands since pizza is food that is easy to share.

According to Advertising Age Magazine, 68.3% of the pizza market is controlled by local pizzerias, not the national brands. Wilkin said pizza is one of the only industries where local players are the undisputed kings of the business.

Super Bowl parties are so important to Eureka Pizza that they have even set up a special web site to help people order the amount of pizza for their Super Bowl parties,, that has been getting hundreds of hits daily, from all over the nation.

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Anonymous said...

I love Eureka Pizza- My Family has been customers for years- They are the best!! Keep on blogging!