Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Papa John's Reveals Aggressive Expansion Plans for Manchester

Pizzas and Stuff tries to report all pizza industry activity fairly but was quite amazed at some of the inaccuracies contained in a recent Papa John's Press Release, printed here in black.

American-owned pizza delivery group Papa John's today announced plans to open 14 stores across Greater Manchester over the next 18 months, yet conveniently forgot to mention in its press release its previous failures in the area.

The area is littered with previous failed PJ's and there are still some units trading - perhaps these are not up to the required standards for attracting new franchisees.

The company intends to invest more than £3m in the region and create hundreds of jobs for store managers, dough slappers, telephonists and delivery people.

"Papa John's first branch in the north west will open tomorrow in Sale - its 101st store in the UK." - really it is just a re-opening - the previous Papa John's on this site went under in 2004 amid a frenzy of unpaid bills and angry creditors and has stood empty since.

Ian Saunders, UK managing director, said: "We have already invested in opening a company-owned store in Sale and we believe that it will be the perfect place to showcase Papa John's to potential franchise partners. It will take a brave franchisee to go up against the Pizza Hut next door, 2 Domino's and a horde of independents - perhaps that's why its going to be company operated

"We have identified the Greater Manchester area as a key development zone."

The company was founded by American John Schnatter 20 years ago and has since opened 3,000 stores worldwide with annual sales of more than £1bn.

"We believe that the north west is one of the biggest business opportunities in the UK for delivery and takeaway food," said Mr Saunders.

"And by opening a company-owned store we are sending out a clear message to potential franchise partners that Papa John's is one for the future, with almost limitless opportunity and potential."

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