Friday, 11 January 2008

Doctors Approve Pizza for Poorly ex-Indonesian Dictator Suharto

Adolf Hitler PizzaIs there something about Dictators and a penchant for Pizza?

Recently a hastily-withdrawn advertising campaign by New Zealand-based Hell Pizza featured Adolf Hitler holding a slice of our favourite snack, and now news comes from Indonesia of their former leader requesting (and getting) pizza while in hospital in France.

Here are the highlights of that post from The Indonesian Inquirer

"Indonesia's ex-dictator Suharto ate pizza and had his bed rotated to face Mecca as his health improved slightly, although he remained in a serious condition, doctors said Friday.

Suharto, an authoritarian ruler for 32 years until he was forced from power in 1998, entered hospital last Friday with anemia and low blood pressure, as well as heart, kidney and lung problems.

"Suharto's physical condition is still unstable, [he is] weak but conscious," Marjo Soebiandono, a doctor from Suharto's large medical team, told reporters.

The 86-year-old patient was breathing more easily after X-rays showed a reduction the amount of fluid that had been building up in his lungs, Soebiandono said.

Suharto took advantage of his modest improvement to eat pizza with his family on Thursday, his lawyer OC Kaligis said.

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