Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Eating Pizza as Part of a Healthy Diet

The following is an excerpt from an article on CNN.com about foods that are healthier than you would expect them to be, if eaten in a certain way.

You already know you can enjoy some mozzarella on your favorite pie and still drop pounds. But there are other ways you can make that slice even healthier. To hike the diet-friendly fiber, choose a whole-wheat crust and top your pizza with veggies like peppers, artichokes, and broccoli. "Like protein, fiber is digested slowly and helps keep you feeling full, longer," Gluck says.
Even better? By sticking with healthful toppings like veggies and lean protein (grilled chicken is a good choice), a medium slice will set you back only 200 to 250 calories.
Best way to enjoy it: Choose whole-wheat varieties. You can make your own or try a frozen one, like DiGiorno, Boboli, South Beach, or Amy's. If you're ordering in or dining out, get a thin-crust pie (it's typically lower in calories and fat than thicker versions); try selections available at Pizza Hut and California Pizza Kitchen.
Watch out for: Additional oil and fat. Avoid any pie that's deep-dish (that means the crust is cooked in oil) or loaded with sausage and pepperoni, Gluck says. And while a bit of cheese is fine, a whole lot is not. Skip the extra cheese.

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