Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Sensationalist Sun Delivers Again - This Time it's The Most Offensive Pizza in Britain

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There are very few things that raise any kind of reaction from me, but I just had to comment on this article that appeared in the UK Sun on 19/01/08.
I know they do these things to get a reaction, but as someone who works in the industry I am disappointed when our product gets used as a vehicle for disrespecting the beliefs and choices of others. I mean what did the school do wrong?
They basically asked the kids that if they were ordeing a pizza, which toppings might you want to avoid if you had guests who were of a particular religion or viewpoint.
Sounds like common sense to me and helps to generate understanding and tolerance. Enough of the rant and on to the story. Form your own opinion and feel free to comment.
"Stunned schoolkids were asked to design a politically-correct pizza which would not offend anyone.

Pupils were told to discuss which toppings might upset religious groups, veggies or people with allergies.

In response, The Sun’s culinary experts have cooked up the most unPC pizza in Britain, with ingredients to offend everyone.

Greg McLaughlan, 40, whose daughter Chelsea, 12, was in the lesson, said: “It’s ridiculous to tell kids what they can put on pizza. It makes race relations more difficult.”

But headteacher Jan Charters defended the lesson at Oakwood Technology College, Rotherham, South Yorks – where a fifth of pupils are Muslim.

She said: “We frequently ask students to look at all manner of other view-points so they gain a full understanding of a topic.” "

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