Thursday, 17 January 2008

Is West Hampstead the UK Pizza Capital?

Well I suppose one man's nectar is another's poison, so when we came across this story in The Camden New Journal then it seemed only fair that we told you about this Ambrosian Oasis.

"In Highgate, there are moans that every other shop is an estate agent, while shoppers in Camden Town reckon they are swamped with mobile phone shops.

But in West Hampstead, residents say they are “swimming in pizza”.

Italian food chain Strada is to open in West End Lane, bringing the total number of pizza restaurants and takeaways in the street to eight.

“We’re swimming in pizza,” said Virginia Berridge, chair of the West Hampstead Action and Transport group.

“It seems a bit ridiculous but the people seem to like them. Let the market forces prevail.”
Lib Dem councillor Flick Rea said: “West End Lane does have some protection but we we have no control over what sort of restaurant opens – maybe one day people will get tired of pizza and they’ll open something else.”

Let's hope not!

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