Thursday, 17 January 2008

How Not to Lose Your Vehicle in the Trafford Centre Car Park Ever Again!

Domino's Pizza Car

Well, Mrs "Pizzas and Stuff" was not very impressed when I came home from the shop tonight, having modified her pride and joy, but you know there only so many times you can wander around the Trafford Centre Car Park, searching among thousands of other silver Fords, holding your key fob in the air listening for that tell tale click-clunk that tells you your car is near, before you have to do something about it - and what better way than to make it tax-deductible at the same time.
Junior "Pizzas and Stuff", aged 15, and highly worried about his street cred, nearly chose to get the bus home from school rather than get in the car with me earlier tonight in case his mates saw him. Luckily he saw sense and remembered that one day the empire will be his!
We also got some strange looks from the neighbours as well- perhaps they think we are lowering the tone! (Ha Ha this is Kirkby!)
Come to think of it I may get my flower beds planted in the colours of the logo so that it shows up on Google Earth. (Who said there is no such thing as a bad idea?)

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