Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Speedy pizza maker is now sharing her talent

Domino's Pizza MakerThen: In May, Lyons, district manager for Domino’s in the New River Valley, assembled three pizzas in 66 seconds to place ninth in the company’s World’s Fastest Pizza Maker contest in Las Vegas. The winner of the contest, Dennis Tran of Silver Spring, Md., holds the record at 49.1 seconds. Lyons said then she hoped to return in 2008 and place in the top five.

Now: Lyons has shaved about six seconds off her time and is coaching four other local Domino’s managers to compete alongside her in 2008.

Domino’s store managers Melissa Richmond and Jeff Kaplan from the Blacksburg store, Travis Linkous from the Radford store and Mike Mayo of the Christiansburg store often work in the kitchens during rush hours, giving them ample opportunity to practice, according to Lyons.

While the $5,000 top prize is good incentive to improve the managers’ pizza-making technique, the real purpose of the contest to make sure customers get their pizzas fast without putting pressure on delivery drivers. “We hustle in the store, so the drivers don’t have to hustle on the road,” Lyons said.

Lyons oversees eight stores scattered throughout the New River Valley, Danville and West Virginia.

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